Friday, July 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 6: Pets I'd Love

I am an animal lover.  Seriously.  To the point where if those stupid Sarah McLachlan/Willy Nelson playing SPCA commercials come on, I MUST change the channel immediately or risk bursting into uncontrollable sobs and/or adopting every last animal on the screen.

I've got two unruly dogs and a mess of a cat, but somehow the topic of future pets manages to come up not infrequently in my house.  (Much to J's dismay.)  There are several pets I'd love to have.

I'm a woman of extremes.  I love BIG dogs.

But I'd also like a dog that I could dress up and carry around in a fabulous bag.

Turtles are cool.  I especially like box turtles.
I like lizards, too.
And who wouldn't love a finger monkey? Communists, maybe.
But the reality of the situation is this: J says no to most of my animal whims.  In the future, we'll be a dog-only kinda family, and my next dog will be a labradoodle.  They're furry, goofy, lovey dogs who are great with kids and don't shed.  Yes, please!


  1. We have two Siberian huskies. Shed is the name of their game, which is why I LOVE my vacuum!

  2. I love huskies!! So precious. My world is constantly covered in pet hair! Thank God for my Roomba! Robotic vacuum that runs every night while we're sleeping. It makes such a huge difference!



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