Friday, July 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 13: Favorite Musician

Call me a cheater if you will.  Because I'm about to cheat again.

You saw some random selections from my iPod here, which should tell you that asking me to choose a favorite musician is like asking Michelle Duggar to choose a favorite child.  I like too many musicians, too many songs, too many styles.

SO, here's what you'll get: my favorite musicians from my favorite genres of music. 

I love me some Eric Clapton.  I love him in every embodiment, from The Yardbirds to Cream to Derek and the Dominos, and I even love him when he's just his little old self.  He has mad guitar skills...for realz.  I saw him in concert a few years back, and it was amazing.  Talent oozes out of his pores.  "Lay Down Sally" has one of the best guitar solos around, and Layla (in its original form) will forever be one of my favorite songs. 

I've gotta give this one to my boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.  I will admit to loving him way back when he was in *NSync.  I even saw them in concert when I was in college.  I have lusted over JT for many a year.  But then he came out with his first solo album, and I realized he could actually sing!  I must have listened to the "Justified" album a million times.  I was thrilled when he released "FutureSex/LoveSounds" a few years later.  Thank you, JT, for bringing "Sexy Back" into my life.

This type of folksy, bluesy, jazzy, sometimes poppy, sometimes country, sometimes rocky amalgamation is different to say the least.  And in my current opinion, Sarah Bareilles does it best.  Her voice is unique, her lyrics are poetic, her melodies are hauntingly beautiful.  And I love to sing her stuff.  Plus, I just think she's kinda cool.  Her biggest hit, "Love Song," was written as kinda a f-you to the record label, who insisted she include a love song on her first album.  How spectacular that the song exploded in popularity.  Apparently, they let her do what she wanted on her second album.  J and I saw her open for Maroon 5 a few years back, and she's wonderful live.  Currently, I can't get "Gonna Get Over You" out of my head.

I'll stop at these, but just know that I also love Motown (especially Stevie Wonder!), R&B (Alicia Keys comes up all.the.time on my pod), Hip-Hop (I dig Outkast), and I even have a small soft spot for country (because what singer wouldn't love to belt out a Carrie Underwood tune?). 

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  1. JT all the way!! Not a fan at all of "boy bands" nor was I a huge fan while he was in N'Sync, but I love Justin as a solo artist and think he is super talented. Definitely love his music now!



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