Monday, August 2, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week Nine: The Grape

AND the Peanut Gallery is all caught up!  Look for updates once a week from this point on!

Q: Feeling any better this week?
A: Feeling worse, in general, but trying to stay distracted if I can!  My mom and brother were here for the majority of the week, so that helped.  I tried my best to stay awake as often as I could, and I loved, loved, loved that my mama cooked some delicious meals for me (even if I didn't keep all of them down).

Q: How are those hormones workin' out for you?
A: Well, the crying still happens randomly.  But I suppose that's to be expected!  I did have a crazy moment this week.  J and I went to Lake Gaston for the weekend with our good friends Cecie and Neil.  There was a big salad at dinner, and the fresh cucumber and farm stand tomato were beyond delicious to me.  Throughout dinner, I pretty much ignored my hamburger and continuously picked through the salad bowl for cucumbers and tomatoes.  After we had finished eating, and were sitting around the table chatting, I saw Neil reach his hand into the salad bowl and pull out a piece of cucumber.  This stopped me dead in my tracks, and I felt a look of hatred come over my face.  I couldn't fathom that someone else at the table would dare eat MY cucumbers or tomatoes.  Luckily I quickly realized that I was CUH-RAZY, and we all laughed about my temporary insanity.  Ah, hormones.

Q: What has the peanut been up to this week?
A: This week is baby's last week as an embryo.  The rest of her organs finish forming, her heart divides into four chambers, and...she completely loses her tail!

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