Friday, August 13, 2010

Pretty please?

I thought I'd take advantage of this here blog thing to reach out to my readers and ask a favor.

In honor of their tenth anniversary, Kohl's is giving away $10 million dollars to schools.  That's $500,000 each to twenty schools.
This in and of itself is amazing.  But what's even more amazing is that Willow Springs Elementary, where I began my teaching career and where many of my best friends and former students call home, is actually in the running to be awarded one of these prizes!

So please, please, PRETTY PLEASE take a minute to add your vote and help them out!  If you have a Facebook account, follow this link and add your five votes! 

As an incentive, the wonderful PTA at WSES has started a raffle for all those who enter.  Read here for more information about the contest, and to enter the raffle!

Thanks in advance to all who vote!

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