Monday, August 30, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 14: The Lemon

Now here is a food I can get on board with.  Enough with the kumquat and the shrimp.  Baby is the size of a lemon.  There's a lemon rolling around in my abdomen!  I just know I'll start to feel it any day now!

Q: Are you still feeling good?  Or was this yet another mean trick?
A: The short answer is that yes, I'm still feeling pretty good.  However, I had a realization.  I believe that morning sickness is never going to leave me 100%.  And I've accepted that.  After an entire week of blissful, barfless days, I had two yucky mornings in a row this weekend.  Turns out smells can still get to me in a nanosecond, and if I don't eat regularly, that can come back to bite me in the ass, as well.  So, lesson learned.  I have 5 1/2 more months of the occasional sickness.  But I'm okay with it.  Anything is better than all the time, all day, every day sickness.  I'm on board. 

Q: How are you feeling about having a boy, when you so badly wanted a girl?
A: I truly feel great about this.  Sure, sometimes I'm still a little sad that I won't be buying pink, frilly things for the peanut, but I keep coming up with more and more reasons why having a boy is great.  To name a few:
  1. I like the idea of our oldest child being a boy, so that he can be the big brother that looks out for and protects his younger siblings.
  2. Little boys LOVE their mamas.  From what everyone tells me, there is absolutely nothing in the world that compares to a little boy's love for and devotion to his mother.  Not gonna lie- I'm pretty excited for the little boy cuddles.
  3. I already had an idea for how I would decorate the nursery if we were to have a son.  And it's C.U.T.E.  More details to come after we're 100% certain.
  4. I like sports.  J doesn't.  Maybe our son will get on board with watching the occasional sporting event with his mom.  Better yet, maybe he'll play football, or lacrosse, or some other fun sport that I like to watch!  I like the idea of a rough and tumble, athletic kid.  (But I'll love him just the same if he takes the nerdier, take-apart-and-put-back-together-the-computer-for-fun approach like his daddy.)
  5. Have I mentioned how much little boys LOVE their mamas?
Q: Does Baby Boy Anderson have a name yet?
A: No, and I'm beginning to think he never will!  J and I are having a hard time finding names that wow us both.  J has admitted that most likely, nothing will ever WOW him.  He's far too serious and contemplative for that.  So he has a few names that he's mulling over, as do I.  Maybe one day we'll both mull over the same name long enough that it will stick.  We have not yet decided if we will reveal the name, once it's been decided upon.  However, that time may not come until baby is born, so in that case, you'll know right away!

Q: Any new crazy pregnancy symptoms, now that you're in the second trimester?
A: First of all, check that- SECOND TRIMESTER, BABY!  I am officially a third of the way through this pregnancy, and time is flying.

But to answer the question, my dreams have been CUH-RAZY.  This isn't exactly new with the second trimester, but just something I've failed to mention up until this point.  My dreams are so vivid!  And real!  And scary/sad/awesome to the extreme.  Lots of mornings I wake up to immediately tell J about the crazy dream I had that night.  This weekend, he even said that one of them would make a great movie.  I'm tellin' ya.  Coolness.

Luckily the dreams are cool, because I have a lot of them.  That's due to all of the waking up and going back to sleep during the night.  Turns out kidneys work overtime from the moment of conception, and this getting up in the middle of the night to pee nonsense is for the birds.  Also, I am having a hard time finding a comfortable position these days.  I'm a stomach sleeper by nature, and that has just gotten uncomfortable, due to the expansion of both the belly and the "up top."  I bought a crazy body pillow to help.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use it, but for now, I'm thinking it helps, even if only slightly.

Q: What's new with the peanut?
A: He's acting like a baby!  He can now suck his thumb, and his facial muscles are getting a workout as he smiles and frowns.  He has also started to pee this week, so for the next 25 weeks, he will officially be swimming around in his own urine.  So basically, he's eating (when I eat), sleeping, smiling, frowning, and peeing.  Sounds like a baby, no?

That's what's new this week!

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