Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 13: The Medium Shrimp?

I'm not really a fan of this week's baby-to-food comparison.  A medium shrimp?  I mean, they couldn't come up with anything better than that?  Oh, well.  I guess the peanut is as long as a medium shrimp this week.  Such is life, I guess!
BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK: It seems that the morning sickness has left the building!  Week 13 was very good to me in terms of that monster.  I am still having moments here and there, but I do not feel like crap all day, every day!  HUZZAH!

In fact, I even went out this past weekend.  As in, got dressed and left the house for reasons other than work.  I even- GASP- put on makeup!  And I must felt really, really good.  J and I went to the Aviator brewery for a few hours on Saturday.  Lots of our friends were there hanging out, having a few brewskis.  (I stuck to my new fave, Dr. Pepper.  Seriously, have to have one.  Like, every day.)  It was great to be part of the living world again.

In other related news- I started to look pregnant this week.  That also felt really, really good.  I'm sure strangers would question whether it is baby or fat, but my pals all knew and noticed the transformation right away.  Odd feeling- my normal, daily, non-pregnant movements find me unconsciously sucking in my tummy.  You know, like all respectable non-flat-stomached girls do on a regular basis.  I've found that I have to tell myself to relax these days when I notice that I'm up to my old tricks.  I think sucking in the tummy is no longer necessary- the jig is up.

Also noteworthy- J and I had our first parents-to-be moments of panic this week!  After we got through last week's appointment and knew FOR REALS that baby is good (which, by the way, was confirmed with test results.  He has a 1:876 chance of having Down Syndrome and a 1:10,000 chance of having Trisomy 13- both of these are great numbers.), we decided to make our first trip to Babies R' Us to begin work on our registry.  Holy overload, Batman!  J freaked when he saw the price tags on everything.  I freaked when I realized that we needed at least one thing from every. single. aisle.  Needless to say, we didn't make it very far.  We got a few big things picked out, then called it a day.  We'll be taking baby steps with this registry!  

It was a slow week for baby, developmentally.  He now has fingerprints- so he'd better wear gloves if he plans on committing any crimes.  And, his body is starting to catch up with his head in terms of size.  So he'll look mostly like an itty-bitty, medium shrimp sized human as he commits said crimes, and not so much like an alien with an over-sized noggin.  I think he's feelin' pretty good about that. 

Starting next week, updates will be posted on Mondays.  My due date got moved up two days, and I always like to post on the last day of any given "week".  Since my new "weeks" now begin on Tuesdays, looks for updates from the Peanut Gallery on Mondays!

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