Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's Talk TV

Since I have recently become one of the "bump on a log" variety, I have had some serious TV time.  Tricky business, becoming a couch potato during the summer months.  Summer is the time when people usually frolic outdoors, hence the networks don't put a lot of effort into summertime television line-ups.

Here is a glimpse at how I have been rotting my brain these past weeks.

1. So You Think You Can Dance
This show is actually new during the summer, and not currently in reruns.  I actually love, love, LOVE watching many of these performances.  Most of the contestants are truly gifted dancers, and as a former dancer my self, I have a true appreciation for the beauty of their movement.  But in my opinion, they kept Jose around a little longer than necessary.  Also, Alex Wong's injury was tragic.  Hoping cutie Kent from Wapokoneta leaves with the title "America's Favorite Dancer" this week.

2. Hell's Kitchen
Another show that is actually current, and not in reruns.  I love to cook, so seeing all of the culinary expertise is fascinating to me.  Also, I giggle constantly at Chef Ramsay.  His violent outbursts make for excellent television drama.  I also love how he calls everyone 'donkey' and tells them to 'piss off'.  Gotta love the Brits.  I am hoping for Holly to come out victorious this week.

3. Bravo
I can't even narrow this down to a show- I have to give a shout out to the entire network.  This is a network that we usually don't get with our Dish Network package, but it happens to be a freebie this month, so I am soaking up every minute of it that I can.  This network is truly a guilty pleasure for me.  I could literally spend HOURS watching reruns of "The Real Housewives of ..." doesn't matter which city.  I love them all (except maybe Atlanta).  New Jersey is my favorite- that Danielle is SERIOUSLY a crazy bitch.  I also love Top Chef (again with the food shows), Bethenny Getting Married, and sometimes Flipping Out.  Really, it's best that come September 1, this network will no longer be an option for me.  I've wasted away chunks of my life watching.

And finally...

4. The Nanny
Yes, I realize that Fran Drescher has the most annoying voice ever.  And yes, I realize that this show is not actually funny.  And yes, I realize that this show was last current in 1999.  But I can't help it.  I love it.  TV Land has recently added this to its evening lineup, and truly, I am happy.

What are YOUR guilty television pleasures?


  1. Loooove all the Housewives shows. I cant help it--its just juicy TV :)
    Also, I look forward to SYTYCD every summer--Im rooting for all 3 this season--love them!

  2. I never want free Bravo on satellite to end!!




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