Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grammar Nazi

Yes, I have been referred to by this loving moniker a time or two.

It's okay.  I embrace it.  I AM a bit of a grammar nazi.  The improper use of the English language just grates on my nerves.  Can't help it.

From what I understand, this runs in the family.  When my dad and his siblings were little, they enjoyed eating the olives from my my grandparents' martinis (I mean, what kid doesn't love a vodka-soaked green olive?).  If they asked their father, in typical kid style, "Can I have a olive?"  Well then, the answer would be no.  But if they asked in grown up, correct grammar, "May I please have an olive?"  Well then they would then be rewarded with the olive.

That's certainly one way to teach 'em.

But I digress.

I apologize in advance for the obscenity of this link (sorta).  But I do love it, yes I do.  It makes the grammar nazi in me smile with delight.

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