Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

No, I don't mean the holiday season. I mean AWARD SHOW SEASON!

The season officially kicked off this past Sunday with the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

Now if you know me, you know that I am a sucker for awards shows.  Not necessarily to see who wins and loses the coveted Emmy (although I did watch the show, and determined that I just may be too pregnant to handle the acceptance speeches this year).  I am more interested to see who makes good fashion choices and who should be sent away from the red carpet in shame.

So here are my personal picks for best and worst dressed on the red carpet!


Lea Michele from Glee.  She never fails to stun on the red carpet.  I just love this navy blue Oscar de la Renta.  And for those of you trend watchers, it appears as though navy is the new black.  Be sure to grab a few navy staples for your fall wardrobe.
Runner-up: Claire Danes.  She embodies Hollywood glamor in this Armani Prive sparkler.  Who doesn't love a shimmering column dress?

Anna Paquin.  Perhaps she has been spending too much time in the dark and has forgotten that she is not, in fact, a vampire.  Certainly she turned on some sort of light to view her look before leaving the house in this military/bull fighter inspired Alexander McQueen?  For shame.
Runner-up: January Jones.  I am quite sure that I will NEVER be on board with the asymmetrical hemline.  In my opinion, Versace got it all wrong, here.  Aside from the mullet-like silhouette of the gown, the corset top is a mess, the pattern/fabric is heinous, and the stiffness of the skirt is just unappealing.  I do, however, enjoy the color.
So there you have it, folks.  My two cents on this year's Emmy fashion.  And just in case you were wondering, yes, I actually did remember who designed each of these gowns.  Yes, I have an illness.


  1. I absolutely agree with all choices. I also want to know what was up with the one black girl who was wearing a prom dress from 1992! Seriously? I love the long, messy hair styles. I thought Kim Kardashian was stunning! I don't think she could ever look bad. Versace? What IS that fabric? It looks like plastic and cellophane! Not ok!

    On a similar note, I really enjoyed Kelly Osborne and the other gay man as co-hosts. I will keep Kelly but do want Jay back!




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