Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 15: Must-Have Item

What would I never leave the house without?  That's a no-brainer.
My iPhone.  It's just about the most useful piece of technology ever invented.  Need to make a phone call or send a quick text message?  Grab the iPhone.  Want to check your e-mail?  It's right there, on the iPhone.  Want to listen to some music?  There's an iPod built right into the iPhone.  Need to do some fact-checking?  Browse the Internet on the iPhone.  Want the daily news headlines or weather report?  You guessed it.  Get them on the iPhone.

Other things that I use the iPhone for:
Social networking
Reading e-books
Keeping a calendar
Taking pictures and storing photos
Shopping online
Playing games
Google mapping
Timing contractions (yes, of course there's an app for that)
Finding recipes

For my fellow iPhoners, here is a list of my top ten apps!

10. Walgreens- Free
This app is really useful (and fun and cool!) if you use the Walgreens pharmacy.  When your prescription is due for a refill, you can scan the bar code found on your current meds, and voila!  Prescription refilled in an instant.  I'm a fan of the bar code scanning.  I also use Walgreens to print photos, and I can easily order prints right from my phone.

9. AllRecipes Pro- $2.99
If you have ever searched for recipes online, I'm sure you have come across the website.  I am always looking for new recipes, and am a frequent visitor the the website.  I have an account set up so that I can save recipes to my virtual "recipe box."  The Pro version of this app allows me to access my recipes from my phone.  It also has a "Dinner Spinner" (also found in the free version) that allows me to search for recipes by type of dish, ingredients, and preparation time. 

8. Shazam- Free
Have you ever been listening to a song and really wondered who was singing it?  Maybe it's a new artist that you're interested in hearing more from, or maybe it's one of those One Hit Wonders from the 80's that you just can't quite remember?  Shazam is the answer.  Just open the app and push the ginormous SHAZAM button.  It will listen to the song, and an instant later tell you everything you wanted to know about it.  Song title, artist, lyrics.  It will even link you right to iTunes if you'd like to download immediately.  Love this app.

7. Words With Friends- Free
It's Scrabble that you can play with friends here, there, and everywhere!  In fact, I'm playing Scrabble with no less than seven friends right now. 

6. IMDb- Free
You would not believe how often I use this app.  It has everything you could possibly want to know about the world of movies.  Who is the actor that plays ____ in ____?  When is the new movie ____ coming out?  How old is ____?  Where else do I know ____ from?  It is truly shocking how often I open this app to look something up.  It's also fun to read the trivia about a movie after watching it.  I always learn something interesting.

5. HeyTell- Free
It's somewhere in between sending a text message and using a walkie-talkie.  Hold a button and speak your message.  After releasing button, message is sent to recipient.  Recipient gets notification of a new message, and upon opening app, your message is spoken to them.  This is really great when you're driving, and just need to send a quick message.  No need for a phone call, and no texting whilst driving.  It's a safety app!

4. Target- Free
Those Daily Deals that I love so?  I check them out every morning on the Target app.  This app is also handy to search for specific products before heading to the store (it will show you if they are in stock) or locate specific items while you're in the store (it will tell you which aisle the product is located in).

3. Kindle- Free
I love Katarina (my Kindle).  She is so handy to have around.  She holds all my books for me, and is so lightweight that I can read with one hand.  But sometimes I find myself in a situation where I'd like to read, but don't have Katarina with me.  Luckily, I never leave home without my iPhone!  There is a Kindle app that also stores all of my books.  The app will open my book right where I left off on the Kindle, and I can continue reading.  Love.

2. Facebook- Free
I love the Facebook.  And it's on my phone.  Awesomeness.

And the Number One App Award goes to.....(insert drumroll here)

1. AMAZON!- free
Yes, I shop on Amazon like my life depends on it.  In my house, if it didn't come from the grocery store, chances are pretty good it came from Amazon.  UPS stops at our house three or four times each week.  We're big fans.  I love that I can order things anytime, anywhere with just one little click. 

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