Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What I Miss About TV

Since transitioning to life without cable, things have been pretty great.  It is so refreshing to pay bills each month sans the $70ish dollars due to TWC, Dish Network, or any other evil-for-your-viewing-pleasure-corporation.  I like it, I really do.

But there is something that I do miss.  I'm sure here you are thinking that it's some great new show- it's not.  You might think that it's Jeopardy at dinnertime- it's not (although I do miss that Trebek a little).  You might even think that it's sports- the one thing that really isn't all that downloadable- but you'd be wrong.

It's the hamsters.

I admit to a full-on love of the Kia ad campaign featuring those adorable hamsters and their ghetto fabulousness.  I miss watching them dance, and listen to bumpin' rap music while they drive in the 'hood.  I miss their parties on Hamsterdam Ave.

I am declaring whomever came up with this ad campaign a genius.  Because I am quite sure that I am not alone in my love for these little rodents.  I love them so much that I may have to search the interwebs in order to view a commercial.  That's right, a commercial.  Stop the insanity.

Honorable mention goes out to the E-Trade baby.  That little guy cracks me up.

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