Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beauty is Pain

I know, I I go again with the shoes.  What can I say?  I'm a fan.

These may be my favorite pair of shoes.  My tall brown boots.

You can see by the scuffs and scrapes- you know, the "distressed" look- that they are well-loved.  I bought them from JCrew right out of college, and I've had them- and worn them- all these years.

But I don't think anyone can truly understand my love for these boots unless they understand the trials and tribulations associated with them.

First of all, I spent an exorbitant amount of money on them, and most likely had to pay them off over several months.  I had a small moment of mourning today when I realized that it will be MANY years before my husband will allow me to spend hundreds of dollars on one pair of boots again.  (Plus, with the whole reproducing thing, those hundreds of dollars will probably have to go to the kids.)

However, I can rationalize this amount of money by dividing the dollars spent by the number of days these boots have been in use.  Really, I've only paid about 10 cents a day over the lifetime of the boots.  And if you want to be really technical and only count the seasons that the boots are in use (since they are obviously not spring/summer footwear), 20 cents a day.  Not too shabby.

But I'm getting a little off track here- you get it, the boots were expensive.  So I'm committed to the boots because I spent a lot of money on them.  And I LOVE THEM.

How committed you might be asking yourself?  How much do I really love the boots?

Well, you know how you have that pair of jeans that you have to lay down flat on your back to zip?  These boots are those jeans for me.  The boots may have gotten a little tight in the calves after all these years.

Picture this- I have a special piece of twine- my brown boot zippin' twine-that I keep on my dresser.  I must thread said twine through the zipper on the boots, and pull HARD on said twine in order to get the zipper up.  No, friends, holding onto the zipper itself does not give me enough leverage to stuff my calves into my favorite boots.  The special twine is NECESSARY.

And now I will go through the rest of the day with the circulation in my left leg seriously compromised.  (For some reason, the right boot is more comfortable.)

Yes, friends, I LOVE THESE BOOTS.

That's all.


  1. What if we determine the cost per time you wore them?

  2. Of course you'd want to know something like that. Well, my best estimate is approximately $1.56 per time worn. STILL not bad considering my love for these babies!



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