Monday, October 25, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 22: The Spaghetti Squash

This looks pretty big, no?

I know it's late, but hey- it's still Monday!

Q: How are the pregnancy emotions?
A: On high alert these days!  I've been uber-sensitive this week.  Let's see, I've cried at a Disney World commercial (and then again when I tried to tell J about said commercial), I cried when I couldn't find boots that would zip over my skinny jeans, I even cried when J suggested that Guns 'N Roses were a band on equal footing with Aerosmith.  Yeah, ridiculous.  And I just can't help it.

I also started to panic over all that needs to be done before baby's arrival.  Before you tell me, yes, I realize that I still have four months until D-Day.  But the pregnancy emotions apparently make me even more irrational than I am on a regular basis.  I just can't wrap my head around the fact that we have yet to purchase a single relevant baby item.  And that I will only receive four more paychecks before he's here.  And that there's just SO MUCH to be done!

I thought that the nesting instinct wasn't supposed to kick in until the third trimester, but it's full force.  In the past week, I've cleaned mini-blinds (and I mean cleaned- as in each and every slat with the Magic Eraser), shampooed carpet, wiped down doors, walls, and baseboards, cleaned out and organized my closet, and mopped my hardwoods- twice.  I'm dying to start setting up the nursery- but I feel like my house should be at a state of perfection before I do that.

My poor, poor husband.  What a wonderful man to put up with my pregnancy craziness. 

Q: Are you experiencing any cravings yet?
A: Yep.  Not one thing over and over again- although, I do seem to have more of a sweet tooth than I usually do- but more like the urge for something specific hits me, and I simply must have it.  J got sent on his first random evening grocery store run.  I needed some Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies.  Stat.  And they were delicious.

Today, I just wanted some Fruity Pebbles for lunch.  Other than sweets, cereal has been my other major craving.  I decided to run myself to the store on the way home from work.  Well lemme tell ya- there should be some sort of law against hungry pregnant women entering the grocery store.  Or they should at least post a warning label somewhere or something.  I got my Fruity Pebbles...along with a bunch of other random stuff.  Oops.

Q: Are you having any aches and pains?
A: The back, oh, the back.  It's not feeling too great.  Standing for long periods of time- ouch.  All of this crazy housework I've been doing- ouch.  But the heating pad has become a good friend of mine, and I usually feel better after a good night's sleep (which I am occasionally able to get- I sometimes have a hard time staying off of my tummy, as that is my preferred sleeping position...however, I'm sure you can tell by this week's picture that this is no longer even remotely comfortable).

I'm also feeling all pully stretchy in the abdominal area.  Apparently the shifting (not added!) weight to my belly is just straining my ligaments in a major way.  Not surprising, I guess, seeing as how those ligaments are suddenly holding a baby!

Sitting down has never felt better than it does these days. 

Q: And the movement?
A: Wonderful.  I'm getting beat up from the inside.  And I'm still lovin' it!  He's an active little guy!   I can also now sometimes tell where he's laying.  When I feel my tummy, I can feel a certain hardness, and I know that baby is right there under the surface.  Then he'll move, and things will feel a little softer.  It's weird, but kinda cool.

AND, I've figured out how to let J in on all of this movement.  I thought that while it was sweet how he'd gently place his hand on my tummy, it clearly wasn't getting him anywhere.  So I realized we needed to invade little man's space a little bit.  So when J placed his hand on my belly, I pushed it down a little harder.  A little closer to the action, if you will!  Well, this pissed little man off good.  He kicked that hand several times, trying to get it to back off, I imagine!  BUT, mission accomplished!  THOSE kicks J felt!  

Mean mommy?  Maybe.  Happy daddy?  Definitely.

Q: What's happening with the peanut this week?
A: He's developing tooth buds, so that when he's an adorable little first grader, he can wish for his two front teeth for Christmas.  I just LOVE that toothless grin that kids get when their two front baby teeth have fallen out and been collected by the tooth fairy.

He's also moved up in size- he should now officially weigh an entire pound!!

And now for the pictures!

Extreme belly close-up!
Also just wanted a chance to show off my nails...can you believe how long they are??  Thanks, pregnancy!

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