Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Please enlighten me.

As we were driving home from Maryland this past weekend, I noticed a few "special" cars.

The first caught my eye due to its personalized license plate.  The plate read CIVIC.  I then looked at the car, which was indeed a Honda Civic.  With one of those stupid extra-loud mufflers.  And a HUGE spoiler.  Now you might think that the rest of the car was fancified.  But alas, no.  I counted five different colors on the car, and not due to a custom paint job.  More like parts and pieces had been replaced over the years with junkyard remnants.  Oh, yeah, and one of the five colors was straight rust.

This is not the actual car I saw, as I could not get my phone out fast enough, but you get the idea.  Not a hot car.
So this had me wondering...is the intent of this license plate to brag about owning a Civic?  Because, it's a Civic.  Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE a Civic.  I drove one for almost ten years, and it served me well.  And it is currently still serving my little sister well.  But is it something I want to brag about to all my friends?  Not so much.  Especially when this particular Civic was in R.O.U.G.H shape.

Maybe he thought that by dressing it up with a ginormous spoiler and an obnoxious fancy muffler he was enhancing its awesomeness?  Turns out, I was unimpressed.  Actually, I laughed at him and his sad little car.

Later on down the road, I saw another gem.  It had, in huge, fancy, street-racer style font, a decal reading "XS POWER" plastered across a tinted rear windshield.  J noticed this one first, and commented on how that car is not only powerful, but it possesses XS power.  Wow.  Impressive, no?  That is, until you realize that this car cannot possibly possess XS power, as it is a Hyundai.  Extra powerful Hyundai?  No such thing.  

Why do some insist on extolling the amazing virtues of their POS vehicles?  Anyone care to let me in on the secret?  Because I just don't get it.

Ah, well.  If nothing else, these cars were good for a couple of laughs.

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