Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Happy Father's Day

Yes, I know I'm late.  You know I never post on the weekends, and well, Monday just got away from me.  What can I say?

In any case, we had a lovely Father's Day in our happy household.  J, being the prince that he is, let me sleep in, even though it was his special day.  When I awoke from my peaceful slumber, I quickly whipped up some waffles and bacon for my main squeeze, and we enjoyed a nice family breakfast.  After our meal, the nugget and I gave Daddy a few gifts, then let him enjoy unlimited x-box time.  Really, there are few things in life that make him happier.

After nap time (both mine and Gabe's), we took a trip to the pool, and splashed and played in the late afternoon sun.  It was a delightful family outing.  We ended the evening with one of J's favorite meals.  All in all, such a nice family day.

J, I must say, you are an even better father than I imagined you'd be.  Thank you for loving that nugget the way that you do, for taking care of him, for wanting to spend time with him, for looking forward to all of the fun times to come with him. 

And to my own dad, thank you for helping to raise me to be the woman I am today.  I imagine that I have you to thank for knowing what kind of guy I should choose to be the father to my own children.

You dads deserve to be celebrated!

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