Friday, November 30, 2012

Bump Watch: Weeks 32 and 33

Man, am I a slacker blogger.  But the Thanksgiving festivities and a wonderful wedding had me busy busy last week, and this week, I'm busy catching up.  You know, on life.  And catching up takes me a while, because I move at a bit of a snail's pace these days...

Anyway, here's where we're at.
Anyone ever heard of a durian?  It looks downright painful.
If you'll recall, at my last appointment I was measuring a little ahead of schedule.  Since then, I've been back to the OB and, just as I suspected, am still measuring ahead.  I'm not at all concerned about this, as I measured a little big the entire third trimester with the nugget.  The bonus of all of this is that I get a late ultrasound to check everything out.  In other words, the docs want to make sure I'm not growing a giant.  Which would be really weird, since I'm still 4ish pounds down from my starting weight.  I'm so weird!  In any case, next week J and I will get one last peek at the little lady before she makes her arrival.

Speaking of OB appointments- they're every two weeks now.  Well, for the next month, anyway.  Then I move to weekly appointments.  Take the frequency of my appointments and throw in Christmas, and the rest of this pregnancy is going to fly by.

Here's hoping, anyway...especially since my old friends nausea and vomiting have once again reared their ugly heads.  This pregnancy really is SO similar to my last.  (I'll be asking for a triple check for girl parts at next week's scan, because there ain't a whole lot of difference between my boy pregnancy and this girl one...)  Luckily, as of now it's not too bad.  A little nausea here and there, and I've only had to make a run for the bathroom twice.  THIS I can deal with, after the terribleness that was the beginning.  Let's just hope this is as bad as it's going to get.

There has been major nursery progress since my last post.  By the end of this weekend, I hope to have a mostly completed baby girl room.  Nesting is here in full force, and things are getting checked off lists at a rate that makes me happy (and J sad).  Pictures to come soon!

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