Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Operation Save-a-Bonus-Room: Reveal

Wow, has THIS post been a long time coming!  I've written several times before about the sad, sorry state of my bonus room.  (See here, here, and here.)  At various times, this room has been referred to by its given name, but also as the crap hole, the man cave, and then my personal favorite, the cat pee room.  Good stuff here, people.

Alas, it now has yet another new name: play room.

All of the hard work of the past seven (!) months has paid off, and the nugget now has a space of his own in which to store all of his toys and playthings.  And this Mama couldn't be any happier to have all of his crap toys out of the living room!

Behold, the play room.

View from the doorway.

View from the window.  A cozy corner for guests to sleep in.  Notice Gabe's artwork hung above the bookshelves?

A nugget-sized table and chairs.  Used to belong to my little brothers and sister many moons ago.  It has aged well!

I just love these festive paper lanterns hanging in the corner.

Also this bright pennant banner in place of curtains.

And that skinny nook that used to house the litter box?  The perfect place for the elliptical.
Ahhh...a usable room once more.

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