Thursday, November 3, 2011


I stumbled across this news story this morning, and I am utterly horrified. 

Let me sum it up for you.  A pregnant mother eats a sandwich as she grocery shops, saves the wrapper to pay for said sandwich when she checks out, but leaves the store, forgetting to pay for her snack.  She and her husband are then arrested, and their two year old daughter taken into custody by Child Protective Services.


The couple made an honest mistake, and upon realization of what had happened, immediately offered to pay the less than $5 for the sandwiches.  The store wouldn't allow it.  They were arrested for shoplifting, separated from their daughter overnight for the first time ever, and humiliated beyond belief.

I cannot believe that something like this was ever allowed to happen.  Let me be the first to say that this could easily have been me.  There was more than one occasion where my pregnant self openly snacked on items at the grocery store before paying for them.  Hey, when you're pregnant, sometimes eating is a necessity rightthisverysecond.  It's either that, or hurl all over the floor.

I sincerely hope that this couple sues Safeway and makes a bundle. 

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  1. that's just awful... it's a SANDWICH for heaven's sake.



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