Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday, I was stuck in a line of traffic.  There was a Jeep trying to turn right out of his driveway and into the crazy morning traffic jam, so I let him in front of me.  I was so shocked at what I then saw that I had to take a picture.  (We were in a line of unmoving traffic- it was safe, I swear.)
Do you see what I see?
Close-up, with an unfortunate glare from my windshield.
I showed J last night, and he said, "Oh, yeah.  Truck nuts." 

What??  Is this a real thing?  A quick and disturbing Google search assured me that yes, it is indeed a real thing.

What was this owner thinking?  "Hmm...what can I do to convince fellow motorists of my manliness?  I drive a dirty Jeep, up on extra large tires with a light bar on top, but I feel like something is missing.  I know!  I think I'll hang some balls from the back!  That oughta do it!"

Why, men?  Why?  Some things I'll just never understand.

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