Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Goodbye, Morning Nap

As if the looming birthday isn't enough of a reminder that my baby is swiftly turning into a big boy...

We have forsaken the morning nap.
This is obviously not my sleeping baby, as I do not dare enter the wee one's lair whilst he sleeps.  That might lead to the breaking of the number one rule in the Anderson house: DON'T WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!
Lately, it has seemed like G would take a decent morning nap, but struggle to fall asleep in the afternoon.  Or sometimes at either nap time, he would seem, well, un-tired.  I began to suspect that it may be time to move to one nap a day.

Wait, what?  All of the books and magazines and blogs and all of the Interwebs told me that this doesn't happen until baby is 15-18 months old!  Well, all of the Interwebs just may be a liar.

As is the case with every single baby-related thing, there is always that kid who just won't conform to the norm.  It looks like when it comes to napping, G is ahead of the curve.

So this week (while I am at tracked out and at home- SQUEE!) we will be going through the growing pains of dropping a nap.  The plan?  Keep baby busy, busy, busy.  As long as the boy is occupied all morning, we seem to be in good shape.  This means lots of visits to the park!  You can find us there.

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  1. If he went to daycare, he'd be taking one nap a day once he turned 1. He's doing just fine :-)



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