Monday, February 6, 2012

Half-Time Extraordinaire

What can I say?  Madonna- WOWZA!

Watched last night's Super Bowl Half-Time show on YouTube this morning.  (You know I didn't see it live- thank God for the Interwebs.)  Madonna?  Awesome.  Singing, dancing, cheering, tumbling acrobat style across the stage.  She is 53 years old.  What the what?!?!
I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  The best half-time that I recall in the past several years.

Too bad MIA (whoever that is) had to flip the bird and stir up more half-time controversy.  Sad for Madge that she now has that cloud over her otherwise stellar show.

Feeling a little forlorn that I missed out on all the funny commercials last night.  Looks like I have some more YouTubing to do this afternoon.

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