Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inappropriate Things Kids Say, Vol. 6

Mrs. Anderson, whenever I have a stomach egg, I go to the bathroom a lot.  It's pretty gross.
A six-year-old, on his way out of my classroom, backtracks, and instead of leaving, he sits down in my desk chair.  You know, one of those big, black leather things that makes one look important?  He says "Mrs. Anderson, you're fired. feels good to be the boss."  Perhaps he's been watching too much of The Apprentice?
Me: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Student 1: "I want to be a cop so I can shoot bad guys."
Me: "You know, a policeman's job isn't really to shoot bad guys."
Student 2: "You're not allowed to shoot people, unless they steal stuff from you and get away outside, THEN you can shoot them."
Student 1: "Okay, then, I guess I want to be a bad guy."
Me: "No you don't!"
Student 1: "I guess not.  I guess I really want to be a white man*."
*As I'm sure you may have guessed, white is not the skin color of this particular student. 

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