Monday, September 19, 2011

Gabe- Seven Months

What?  I'm 7 months old already?!

7 months and happy.

And now I'm outta here!




Well, folks, this is the month that Gabe became almost a big boy.  He is almost crawling.  He is almost ready for table food.  And he is almost the cutest baby in the world.  Wait...scratch that.  He IS the cutest baby in the world!
Some of Gabe's newest tricks of the trade:

He's an army crawler.  He uses his arms to pull himself around the room.  He frequently gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, and he occasionally makes one or two crawling motions, but he is not yet a full-on crawler.  Any second now...

And since the boy is on the floor, moving here and there, he does not have the luxury of being upright to turn his head around and see what's going on in all directions.  Enter what J calls his "sexy pose."
Sexy Pose.
Gabe will stop scooting long enough to lean in such a way that he can look to see what's going on behind him.  He does it all the time, and it's hilarious.

The nugget is still an eater.  He's tried just about every form of Gerber baby food (stages one and two!) and many of my homemade variety.  Carrots aren't really his thing, but he has yet to refuse anything.  This past week, we have introduced puffs.  These are merely a precursor to Cheerios.  They come in different flavors (we have banana and sweet potato), and just dissolve more easily than the O's.

Gabe L.O.V.E.S the puffs.  He literally squeals with excitement when he sees the tub coming his way.  Like a flash, as soon as the puffs hit the tray, his little fists reach out to grab them.  The problem is just that- he is using his fists to grab them, and then has lots of trouble opening the fist to get the puff into his mouth.  He doesn't yet have that thumb-forefinger-pincer grasp.  So for every 20 puffs that I give him, he probably only eats three or four.  But practice makes perfect, and the boy is sure happy to keep practicing!  It's beyond adorable, even if it does make me feel a little bad for the guy.  (I may occasionally put a puff into his sweet little mouth so he can avoid the rigor of trying to get it there himself...but only because I want to, and I'm the mama, so I can.)

We finally got Gabe a doorway jumper.  The kid seriously enjoys the jumping.  This is what a typical twenty minutes in our house looks like:

If he's not jumping, he's playing on the floor.  And although he has about a million toys, leave it to Gabe to find a piece of junk on the floor that he'd rather play with.  Other favorites include dog toys, shoes, my laptop cord, and Daphne's crate.  But whatever he finds these days, he's gonna play with long as it doesn't belong to him.
Like father, like son.  Desperately trying to figure out how to work the X-Box controller.
After all this playing, we're left with a tired boy and a happy sleeper at the end of the day.  The boy has started pulling his hair when he's tired.  Always above his right ear.  So he frequently has sticky, messy hair sticking out the side of his head.  Love.

Gabe's "There's Something About Mary" hair, only not as disgusting.
Since he is getting so big (and so mobile) we have officially ditched the swaddle.  He now sleeps in footy pajamas (Aaah!  Can't stand the cuteness!), and prefers to be on his stomach.  He will happily sleep this way for twelve hours.

Yes, we are supremely lucky.  In so many ways.  Love this kid.

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