Thursday, September 8, 2011

Food Rut

As I have written about food and cooking many times before, you all know that I love to cook.  But lately, I am finding myself in a food rut.

I am sick of the same old recipes week in and week out.

J is of absolutely no help here.  Every week I ask him  if there is anything he feels like for dinner in the upcoming week.  I can count on his answer being either "not really" or "meatloaf."  Hmph.

Although I love meatloaf (and coincidentally have it on this week's menu), I am in need of some new ideas.  I won't get rid of my tried and true, but I need some new dishes to add to the mix.

After all, one can only eat so many meatloafs before one wants to throw said meatloaf out the window.

Can anyone out there in the blogosphere be a pal and throw some recipes my way?  I'd be eternally grateful, and you may save the life of a poor, innocent meatloaf.  Consider it your good deed for the day.


  1. Do you like using a crock pot? If so check out the crockpot There are some yummy recipes on there. They also have a FB page.

  2. Julie, this is a great website! Thanks for sharing!



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