Monday, September 12, 2011

Today Sucks

This school year I'm working a new calendar.  One that occasionally lets me "track out."  This means that I have a week off here and there, in exchange for working ever so slightly longer hours (i.e. quittin' time is now 12:10 instead of 11:45).

Last week, I was tracked out.  And it was wonderful.  I celebrated my anniversary, and then spent the rest of the week gloriously reveling in every moment that I  got to take care of that sweet child-o-mine.

Today I came back to work.  And it sucks.

Please don't judge me for pouting about having to work until noon each day, while still receiving sporadic weeks off.  The thing is, I don't want to leave the nugget on a daily basis, no matter how short the time.  No matter how great the babysitter.  No matter how quickly I am there to pick him up.  It kills me to say goodbye to him every morning, and I just don't wanna do it.

I am cut from the cloth of a stay-at-home-mama, but unfortunately, my bank account is holding me back, and just won't allow that to be a reality at the moment.

SO, anybody have any get-rich-quick schemes that they can recommend?  Because I could really use one right about now...


Well then, back to work, I guess.  Sigh.

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