Friday, September 9, 2011

Movie Review: Bridesmaids

J and I have both said that the thing we miss the most since having a baby is going to the movie theater.  (Well, actually, J says that money is the thing he misses the most, but the movies come in a close second.)

We had a free 24 hours to celebrate our anniversary, so a trip to the movies was definitely on the agenda.  As all of the current movies seem to be utter crap, we checked out the old stuff playing at the $1.50 theater.  For months, we have heard so much buzz surrounding the movie "Bridesmaids", so we decided to check it out.
I have to say that after all of the buzz, I expected more.

Don't get me wrong- this movie was funny.  The cast was made up of some seriously funny women.  But it just wasn't hilarious at every turn like I expected it to be.  I wanted another "The Hangover".  This just wasn't it for me.

For me, the highlight of the movie was Melissa McCarthy.  She stole the show.  Her character Megan was by far the funniest of the bunch.  Her story about falling off the cruise ship and her interactions with the air marshal had me laughing out loud.

But the rest of the film was just alright.

I fear that for me (and J), this one may have been a little over-hyped.

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