Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Review: Bossypants

Let me just say that the book starts out with Tina Fey explaining how, based on the maxi-pad commercials on TV, she expected her first period to appear as a blue liquid.  And imagine her dismay when that was not, in fact, what appeared that fateful day.

This lady is funny.

Bossypants is an autobiography of sorts.  But not in the sad-sap-woe-is-me-my-parents-screwed-me-up kinda way.  Tina Fey writes about the major milestones in her life in a very humorous way. 

I learned about the struggle of women trying to make it in the comedy industry- I didn't know they had it so rough!

I learned about how "30 Rock" came to be- turns out, it was all because of Alec Baldwin.

And I learned about Tina's hilarious portrayal of one Sarah Palin on SNL- and the aftermath that followed.  (There was a tiny bit of vulgarity here in response to media scrutiny of this funny parody.  Tina may have told a particular reporter to "suck a bag of dicks," and I may have snorted my beverage right through my nose...)

My favorite chapter was both funny and depressing.  Tina Fey states that since turning 40, she has to immediately take off her pants when she gets home.  She looks back longingly to her 30's, when this was not a necessity.  I, apparently, hit this milestone early.  Since turning 30 (or, who am I kidding, since college), my "real" pants come off and my yoga pants come on immediately upon entering the house.  Such is life.

All in all, I enjoyed this book.  Tina Fey is smart and witty, and this was just plain fun to read.  Four out of five stars!

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