Friday, September 23, 2011

My Husband Has a Crush On "New Girl"

'Tis true.  Although she is not his number one (that spot is reserved for me some girl from the "Firefly" series), she definitely makes the list.

I'm okay with this, because I'm cool like that.  (And also because I have a list of my own.)

And truth?  After watching "New Girl" last night, I might have a little crush on her, too.

I find this show to be adorable.  If you haven't watched, "New Girl" is played by Zooey Deschanel.  It's the story of nerdy, awkward, kooky Jess, who moves in with three young, happening guys.  This is only allowed to happen, by the way, because she has model friends, and the guys think this may give them an in.  They soon realize that they're in over their heads, however, as just-dumped Jess cries on the couch while watching "Dirty Dancing."

Two things I especially love about this show:
1. There is a Douche Bag jar, which the guys are forced to contribute a dollar to every time they say something douchey.  (Which is not infrequent.)
2. Jess sings all the time.  She makes up songs as she goes, even making up her own theme song.  This is a girl after my own heart, as J will tell you that I am constantly doing just this.  (Although I haven't made up my own theme song yet...hmm, something to think about.)

Bottom line is, J and I both laughed out loud on several occasions, which I view as a marker for a good show.  We will be watching again!  Check it out Tuesday nights on Fox.

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