Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We're Hipster

Okay, if you are laughing after merely reading the title, I wouldn't blame you.  Those of you that know us know that J and I are not so much hipster as we are lame.  We go to bed early- even on the weekends.  We listen to classic rock and are completely out of sync with any modern music.  We wear khakis

Yesterday, while perusing Babble (I heart Babble!), I came upon this list of the Top 20 Hipster Baby Names.  Of course, I clicked, because I had to see what the Hipsters are naming their kids these days.

I was SURE that none of our (very few) beloved names would appear on this hip list.  After all, agreeing on a name for Gabe was like an act of congress.  J has all these rules (no last names for first names, no rivers, no religions, and on, and on, and on...) and I have a weird syllable preference thing.

And also, have I mentioned that we're lame?

So imagine my SHOCK when both my favorite boy and girl names appeared on the list!!  (I won't say what they are, but if you know me well, you probably already shhhh!)

Maybe we're not so lame, after all!
First, hipster baby names.  Next, this will be J and I on a Saturday night.  Or better yet, on a Sunday afternoon!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

If you don't care to click over to Babble, here is the full list.

2. Ray
3. Holden
4. Iver
5. Allen
6. Lennon
7. Orson
8. Atticus
9. Thelonious
10. Jasper

1. London
2. Wren
3. Matilda
4. Tallulah
5. Margot
6. Clementine
7. Zooey
8. Seraphina
9. Florence
10. Alice


  1. Since we share a common love of Gabe... I'm curious what your other faves are?? Out of the above lists I'm digging Holden, Lennon, London & Wren {London was actually a contender if Gabriel was a girl, but Eden was the final pick}.

    P.S. - do people mispronounce your little guy's name? We're only 7.5 months in and we keep getting Gabrielle {the long form of Gabby}... hmmm.

    1. Ooh, I love all of those names! Unfortunately for me, my hubby is a little more traditional, so many of my loves get shot down. But, I may have him on board with Holden, which I love, and if we ever have a girl, she will be named Margot, after my grandmother.

      And YES, we get Gabrielle too. And I just don't understand it! Quite annoying. Our poor boys.



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