Friday, November 4, 2011

Project Runway Wrap-Up

WARNING:  If you are really behind, like, more behind than me, stop reading now, as I am about to reveal the winner of Project Runway.

Yes, friends, I am behind.  Behind on both watching the finale of my beloved show, and behind on posting about it.

But it was worth the wait.  I am a happy girl.

Well, mostly happy.  The downside of not having cable is that I have to wait until after the show has aired for J to be able to download it, then wait another day or two for him to get it added to our system to be viewed.  While in the midst of this waiting game, I accidentally broke my own rule about opening the People app on my phone, and saw a headline and photo revealing the winner before I had a chance to watch.  If you could have seen the fit I threw, you would have giggled for sure.  I'm talking actual fit, complete with feet kicking and expletives flowing.  I was pretty upset.

But I digress.

J happened to be around while I was watching the finale, part one.  I told him that I would actually, truly, and for reals die if Anya didn't win this season.

I don't recall another season when I felt so strongly about one designer winning over another.  I am usually so impressed with all of the finalists that I find myself hard pressed to choose a favorite.  ( I can, however, usually choose a least favorite, but this usually has more to do with bitchiness than design.  Except for this year- I just don't get that Joshua McKinley's style.)

This season, it just HAD to be Anya.  She was, in my opinion, so far and away the best designer of the bunch.  From the very beginning, she just exhibited such fantastic style.  I really loved the vibe of her final collection.  This is a girl who knows herself, knows her aesthetic, knows her customer, knows fashion.

And for those that question her sewing ability, to you I say pish posh.  She won't have to do all of the actual sewing of her designs, anyway.  She can hire people to do that. 

Here are some of my favorite Anya designs this season.
Want. This. Jumpsuit.

So beachy and flowy, with a fabulous neckline.

Love the print, love the single sleeve.  Just love.
Honorable mention shout out to Viktor Luna.  I think he got a little lost with his final collection, but overall, I believe is a fabulous designer.  Also, if he would like to send me the white jacket from his final look, pleaseandthankyou, I would be a happy girl.

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