Thursday, May 30, 2013


I need a new perfume.

I don't wear it too often, but when I want to dress up and be fancy, I like to smell fancy, too.

Last weekend, I spent some time at Ulta smelling the scents.  I'm almost out of my Chanel No. 5, which J bought for me on my first, actual 29th birthday.  I need a change after a few years using the same fragrance.

So apparently, every designer and their brother, as well as their cousin's sister's kid, is marketing a perfume these days.  And each designer offers multiple scents.  How on earth is a girl to choose??

The answer is to take your time, spritzing bottle after bottle onto those paper scent strips.  (And FYI, they actually DO smell different when spritzed on the strip as opposed to just smelling the bottle.  Now you know.)  In between each scent, smell the provided coffee beans, to cleanse the nose palate, so to speak.  Spritz, smell, repeat.

I finally decided on a new scent.
Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.  It's crisp and clean, with a little hint of citrus.  I love it.

Now if only the price tag weren't so painful.  For a mere $90 I can own the scent of my dreams.

But I gotta say- shelling out almost a hundred dollars for a bottle of perfume sure beats the alternative- Designer Imposters.
I spent most of middle school smelling of Malibu Musk- ah, the generic-scented memories!

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