Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Margot: 4 Months

My baby girl is already four months old.  I simply cannot believe how fast the first year seems to fly!  Do I sound like a broken record?
This month, Margot's personality really began to shine through.  While it seems like Gabe is much like his father, I believe this little one is much like her mother.

When I was in school, I never got into any real trouble.  Never once was I given a detention.  BUT- I can't quite remember how many times I- and perhaps my parents- were spoken to about my inability to shut up.  Like, ever.  All the way into high school, I was somtimes made to move my desk into its own, lonely corner, so that I wouldn't be tempted to talk to my neighbors.

I fear that my girl is following in my footsteps.
In month three, she began to do a bit of babbling.  But this month, she has really found her voice.  And lemme tell ya'- it's LOUD.  She literally screeches, screams, and squeals.  But not in a sad or angry way.  In a listenupI'mhereanddon'tyouforgetaboutme kind of way.  It's hilarious, really.

She also has a bit of a temper.  She rarely gets to upset about anything, but when she does, look out.  You'd better plug your ears, because the screaming cry is coming.

I've only heard this cry three times, and I'm pretty sure all of them involved hurt feelings more than physical pain.  Daddy, Mommy, and Gabe have each been on the receiving end of Margot's wrath.

Speaking of Gabe- Marogt loves him.  She literally cannot take her eyes off of him.  He has only in the past week began to really acknowledge her presence, but I can already see the hero worship forming in her eyes.  Ah, love between siblings.

Other noteworthy events:

  • Pictures were very difficult this month, because baby girl is constantly doing this:

Hands in mouth all. the. time.  Drooling like a faucet.  Teething has begun.

  • Margot rolled over from her front to her back exactly one time.  And I missed it.  Hoping to see it soon.
  • The little lady likes to sit upright now.  She enjoys the Bumbo.
  • She currently weighs 15lbs 8 oz and is 25 1/2 inches long.  She is hovering around t he 90th percentile in both of these areas.  The girl is a giant.
  • She continues to be an excellent eater and sleeper, and is still quite possibly the easiest baby on the planet.

We thank our lucky stars daily.

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