Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gabe- Four Months

Oh, what a month it has been with my little man..  He continues to grow and learn at a positively alarming rate, and I continue to fall deeper and deeper in crazy love.

Q: What are Gabe's tricks these days?
A: Gabe is a busy boy!  He can roll over- both ways as of today!- and do a little bit of scooting around on his back.  He likes to hold his toys and put everything into his mouth.  He loves to splash and play in the water- bathtub, baby pool, or otherwise.  He stands in his exersaucer and admires all of its adornments.  He screeches beautiful, happy baby noises.  He smiles, and smiles, and smiles.

Q: How is Gabe sleeping?
A: Through the night!  (Unless we're on vacation, in which case he gets up several times a night.)  Last night, he slept for 12 hours.  That's my boy!

Q: What are Gabe's current stats?
A: 17lbs, 6 oz.  26 inches.  WHOA.  He's a big boy, alright!  In case you're wondering, both his height and weight are in the 90th percentile.  When I said he was getting chunky, I wasn't lying!  And I love, love, love it.

Q: Has Gabe found his thumb yet?
A: Nope, but he has decided that he's okay with that.  Sometimes he hooks his index finger over his gums, and other times he tries to get his entire fist into his mouth.  My favorite is when he gags himself, as he accidentally shoves his hand too far back.  (Sense the sarcasm here?)  Ah, well.  He'll learn soon enough!

Q: Any signs of teeth?
A: Teeth?  No.  Teething?  YES.  Aside from the aforementioned hands (and everything else) constantly in his mouth, this boy is one giant drool monster.  As in rivers flowing from his mouth.  Constantly.  Gross.  I have a feeling those bottom teeth aren't too far off!
See the spit bubbles?  Lovely.

Q: What's the boy eating?
A: The chunk has had his first taste of cereal.  We're experimenting with that for the time being, but it won't be long before we introduce some fruits and veggies.  (Which I'm sure is healthier than the tastes of ice cream and cake frosting that we have given him thus far.  We're pretty laid back for first time parents, no?)  I have a feeling my little eater will love it!

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