Monday, June 6, 2011

Soccer Mom- UPDATE

Remember last week, when I talked here about our complete and utter failure to procure a minivan?

Well, we've made some progress, friends.

In an unbelievable twist of fate, we didn't need to hit the used car lots, after all!

After the long holiday weekend, the mechanics at my mom's Honda dealer had a chance to really look at what her issue was.  Why would this car, that was fine a mere two weeks earlier, simply stop running on the side of the highway?  What had happened that would require a $5500 used engine be installed in order for said car to be up and running again?

Well, you'd better believe that my mom was looking for some serious answers, seeing as how she not only had a broken down car, and no desire to spend the thousands that would be required to fix it...she also had a trade-in value of approximately $0.  What had been a perfectly decent vehicle two weeks prior was now worth only scrap.

After several phone calls with various mechanics, salesmen, and managers at Honda, she had some answers.

A screw had screwed everything up.  (hee hee)  A 3-inch screw had broken in half.  One half fell inside the engine, and wreaked total havoc.
"Screws fall out all the time, the world's an imperfect place."

Well, this was most certainly no fault of my mother's.  And she made sure everyone knew that.  Apparently, something like this happening is a complete freak of nature.  As in, baffled and amazed every mechanic in the shop.  As in, phone calls to many higher-ups at Honda were made on her behalf.

Conclusion?  Faulty part.  Honda's fault.  Result?  A brand new engine will be installed...for free.

What does this mean for us?  We're back to the rotation!  We'll take possession of the van (body- 107,000 miles, engine- 0 miles!), and we'll hand my Accord over to the family.  We'll make the trade after a few months, to ensure that everything with the Odyssey is in complete working order before we drive it four states and nine hours away from the shop that fixed it.

Yippee!  This girl is one happy Soccer Mom.

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