Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bear With Me

I realize that I am shamefully late with Gabe's 4 month post.  HOWEVER, I have several good reasons!
  1. I was on vacation last week, and warned you that I may be a bit of an absentee blogger.
  2. My laptop is otherwise occupied at the moment.  Apparently, 4 months of playing classical music and/or pink noise for approximately 16 hours a day can wear out a CD player.  As it did to baby G's.  As in, we had to throw it in the trash.  Well, the boy needs the music to sleep!  SO, enter laptop, and voila!  Music.
  3. "But you're blogging now!  WITHOUT your laptop!"  Yes, friends, I am.  However, what good would the 4 month post be without pictures?  And those, dearests, are with the laptop.
Patience for just a few more days.  New CD player will be purchased Thursday, at which point I can reclaim my laptop and get down to business.

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