Monday, June 17, 2013

Margot: 5 Months

Please forgive my tardiness- we were enjoying a fun-filled family vacation on the little lady's actual 5-month birthday.  But have no fear- I remembered to pack my camera and the required sticker and legwarmers for the monthly photo shoot.
Margot at 5 months suddenly seems so big!  It's like in an instant, she is no longer a tiny, needy thing, but rather a growing, moving, girl.  Although she is not yet sitting up, crawling, or walking, she is certainly moving herself from one place to another to reach whatever has caught her interest.  And yes...things are definitely catching her interest.
This month, Margot has been introduced to the exersaucer.  That's right, she stands up and plays with toys.  Her little feet reach the bottom now, and she can turn herself around to look from one toy to the next.

She has begun playing on the floor.  Rolling over from front-to-back, and back-to-front.  Rolling this way and that, inching her way across the blanket that has become useless, as she won't stay on it for long.

She enjoys playing with stuffed animals, links, rattles, and most especially, anything that belongs to big brother.  She is fond of Gabe's cars.  For this moment, he's okay with it.  We'll see how long that lasts...
Her most favorite thing to play with is her feet.  She can pull her little legs right up to her face so she can suck on her toes.  Yep, she likes to suck on her toes.  Babies.

My pretty little lady had her first ponytail this month, sticking straight up on top of her head like Pebbles.  Her hair has lightened up a bit.  We still can't quite tell what color it is, although I'm starting to lean toward strawberry blonde.  Her eyes are the most beautiful blue.  I'm waiting and watching to see if they will change in the coming months.  She's a beauty, this one.
She's also a bit of a beast.  She is the worst bottle-drinker ever, fussing and fidgeting the entire time.  And she has decided that sleeping through the night is a thing of the past.  She doesn't need to eat overnight, but that doesn't stop her from waking up and whining or crying several times a night.  If I hop up and pop the pacifier into her mouth, she goes immediately back to sleep.  But this is not a habit I wish to encourage!  We are going through some sleep changes, including ditching the swaddle (out of necessity, not choice!) and trying to get back into the crib after a brief hiatus in the Rock n' Play.  Being away from home for the past week certainly exacerbated our problems.  Hopefully I'll have a sleeping (through the night) beauty again in the next few weeks.

The next time I post about my little ladybug, she'll be a half-year old.  Gasp.
Please slow down, time!

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