Friday, October 26, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 28

HELLOOOO THIRD TRIMESTER!  By any doctor, book, or mathematician's calendar, I am officially there.  Thank God.
What a weird week it's been.  The week started off with my hormones going whacko.  I think I tend to stay pretty "normal" during pregnancy, as far as my emotions are concerned.  I don't get too crazy or moody (although there are moments when I feel the rage).  This week, I suddenly got weepy.  I couldn't even necessarily tell you why I was crying, other than I just felt bad.  And cue the waterworks.  Poor J.

Next, my body started to ache.  And when I say ache, I mean I literally cannot pick up my legs high enough to walk up the stairs, and so I crawl up next to Gabe.  I do believe this is simple round ligament pain, which is to be expected.  It's just a seriously nasty case of it.  The ligaments stretching from my groin up to my belly feel like they are just torn in half.  Little lady is heavy to carry around, I guess.  I bought a maternity support belt and started wearing my Mama Spanx (yep, maternity Spanx) under everything, hoping that this extra support will help lighten the load and lessen the pain.

I also had my 28 week OB appointment this week.  Maybe I am feeling the weight of this load because she is particularly large?  I am most. certainly. hoping. that this is NOT the case.  BUT, my measurements were approximately four weeks ahead at this appointment.  Maybe this would explain why I'm feeling so much bigger at this point than I did with Gabe?  If this trend continues at my next appointment, they will schedule an ultrasound somewhere around the 35 week mark to check on baby's size.  If she seems to be of the extra large variety at that point, we will discuss induction at 39 weeks.

If this seems like deja vu, that'e because I had pretty much the same issue with the nugget, and all turned out well.  However, I am not complaining, because I like ultrasounds!  (And I also would enjoy being pregnant 39 weeks instead of 40, but that's just my own dirty little secret.  Truth be told, she can feel free to come at any point past 37 weeks, once she's considered full term.  Yep, I'm already there.)

Took the glucose tolerance test this week, as well.  Fingers crossed that I don't receive any phone calls next week telling me I have the diabeetus!

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