Friday, October 19, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 27

I just saw a ticker somewhere that said I have 90 days left- 90 days!!
This certainly must signal the beginning of the home stretch.  Who the hell knows when the third trimester actually begins?  Some books and doctors say 27 weeks, some say 28.  Math says that when you divide 40 weeks by 3, then the third trimester begins at 26 2/3 weeks.  Any way you wanna look at it, I am heading towards the end here, folks.  There are officially LESS than three months until my due date.  Phew- saying that feels AH-MAZING.

In doing my (less than) frequent reading about what is going on with baby these days, I have been pretty amazed to read that she is breathing (amniotic fluid, but still, practice makes perfect), dreaming (about what? I mean, really?), and is fully formed.  Her job now is just to hang out in there and fatten up (but not too fat, if you please).  Amazing how six months ago she was just a clump of cells.

As for me, I have no complaints.  Well, that's not true, exactly.  My back hurts 100% of the time, but the good news is my hips only hurt when I'm moving.  What I should say is that I don't have any out-of-the-ordinary complaints.  This is the normal pregnancy stuff.  I don't remember being quite so uncomfortable last time, but I probably was.  Did the boulder settle on top of my bladder this soon with the nugget?  Most likely.  All par for the course.

The other good news of the week is- I've got some belly photos for you!  Not that we were good parents and remembered to take them on our own.  But at our recent family photo shoot with ShugarShots Photography, my dearest Heather took a few shots of me and the bump.


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