Friday, October 12, 2012

Bump Watch: Weeks 25 and 26

Sorry for the missing post last week, friends.  The nugget and I were on an adventure to Ohio to visit my folks.  A nine hour ten-and-a-half hour car ride of an adventure.  Post to follow soonly.
Baby keeps a growin' and a kickin'!  My sister got to feel a few hard jabs during our visit last week.  My oh my, she is active.

Pregnancy brain seems to be the name of the game lately.  I am here to tell you- I am D.U.M.B.  Seriously, I have been doing or saying some of the stupidest things lately.  I looked at J with an honest amazement when he could divide 52 by 4 in his head.  When I asked him if he had done it without a calculator, he thought I was joking.  Sadly, no.  Then a few minutes later I realized how this was actually rather simple math, and that there once was a day when I would have spit out the answer to this equation without batting an eye, let alone pulling out a calculator.

I'd give you further examples of the pregnancy brain, but I seem to have forgotten them all.  And I know there have been many.  I'm that inept right now.

So you've all been warned.  Please blame all spelling, grammar, or syntax mistakes in the coming weeks on the little lady.

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