Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Review: Wicked Business

Do you know Janet Evanovich?  Do you love her?

So many readers out there enjoy her light and fluffy literature.  I especially love her Stephanie Plum series, which never fail to make me laugh out loud.

Wicked Business is the second book in her Wicked series, featuring pastry chef Lizzy and the other worldly Diesel.  These two are on a quest for magical stones that represent the seven deadly sins.  They are in a race to get to them first, before Diesels ill-intentioned cousin Wulf.
In this book, they are after the Luxuria stone, which inspires lust.  Now, this is most definitely no 50 Shades of Grey type of lusty novel.  It's more of a comedy, really.  Janet Evanovich's greatest strength, in my opinion, is her cast of supporting players.  The blunders and mishaps that occur while trying to locate this stone are giggle-worthy.

Serious literature, this is not.  Will this book make you pause and think about life, love, or- well, anything, really?  Nope.  But it is silly and entertaining, and it is a perfectly acceptable way to pass the time.  If you like Stephanie Plum, pick this one up.

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