Friday, September 14, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 22

I officially had my first dream about labor and delivery last night.  Apparently, I got to the hospital just in time to push, and without any time for an epidural.  In my dream, it was totally fast, easy, and pain free, and I was home nursing baby like a champ the next day.


I have heard that labor is the longest for the first child, and approximately cuts in half with each subsequent child.  I labored for 25 hours with Gabe.  I'd be happy with 15 hours this time.  I also will be sure to get to the hospital in plenty of time for an epidural.  Because, my friends, the epidural is the greatest invention of all time.  Ever.  Period.

The little lady is BUSY.  J has been able to feel many big kicks and punches with ease this week.  I am a little dismayed that the majority of her movement happens overnight.  I don't recall the nugget actually waking me up with his kicks, but this girl wakes me up several nights a week.  I am seriously hoping that this is not an indicator of her sleep schedule at birth!

Until then, this lady is sleeping as much as she can.  I'm pretty sure that once baby girl is here, I'll never sleep again.

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  1. A heads up: DS #1 was 23.5 hours of labor (with induction). DS #2 was roughly 20 hours. I hope your #2 is faster. Also, DS #1 was awake when I slept and vice versa. DS #2 slept when I slept. They did follow suit as newborns. Except when they were nursing. Which was ALL of the time. LOL



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