Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Dream Realized

Today, I was called into the Principal's office- always a nerve wracking experience, even once you've moved past childhood into adult territory.  There is something about that mammoth wooden desk, and the stern way in which he's seated behind it, that makes my palms sweat a little, even now.

But I am no stranger to this experience.  Each year since I've started this job, at just about this time of year, I am called to his office to collect a letter from Human Resources.  This letter states that I am employed on a terminating contract (as are all part-time employees), and that my re-hire status for the following school year is uncertain given the difficult financial times.

This hasn't given me too much worry in years past, as my unique position is mandated and funded through a special, federal pot of money that I know isn't going anywhere.  And this year, when the principal handed me the "dastardly letter" (his words), I had even less concern than usual.

"I'm giving you this letter, because I'm supposed to, but it doesn't really apply to you this year, does it?" he said, with a genuine smile on his face.

You see, friends, I got my dream job, and I will not be returning to my teaching position next year.  Upon the conclusion of this school year, I will start my first day with the job title "Stay At Home Mom."

I've mentioned in passing that J got a new job back in December.  That opportunity brought us the financial ability for me to give up my part-time work and stay home with my nugget full-time.  I decided to finish out the remainder of the school year, though, as I certainly do not want to burn any bridges here.  This position has been ideal over the past few years, and there may be a day when I'd like it back.  Also, my continued income throughout the first half of 2012 will put us in a good spot when that income ceases to exist in a few months.

My principal let me know that he is happy for me, and I believe that he is.  He also let me know that he'd be happy to have me back if that was ever something that I wanted, or that I could feel free to call on him if I'd like his help finding something else.

Suddenly, my palms aren't so sweaty and the nerves have subsided.  Now, I'm just happy.

July 1 marks my first day on the new job, and I couldn't be more excited.      


  1. Wow, congrats!!!!!! :) That is soooo exciting!!

  2. Congrats! You will love every second of it! I know I did and I hope to return to that job one day.




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