Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Runway All Stars!

You all know I am a fan of the original.  Sadly, I was a late starter to the series, but I have watched every episode of no less than five seasons of this fashion design gem.  I love to watch the process, I love to see the beautiful clothes, I love to hear the critiques from some of fashion's biggest names.  It's fun.

So can you even imagine my glee at the news that there would be an ALL STAR season?  Some jilted past contestants getting another shot at a grand prize?  Um, yes.  Excellent.

When I fired up our DVR-ish system to watch the first episode a few months ago, I was surprised to see a new cast of supporting players.  A new host, new mentor, and new judges.  Let me break it down for you.

Host- Angela Lindvall. 
She is no Heidi Klum.  I must say that I'm not a fan.  I enjoy Heidi's blunt commentary much more than Angela's seemingly watered down thoughts.  Also, she is apparently a supermodel, yet I don't so much recognize her.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Mentor- Joanna Coles. 
I appreciate her genuinely supportive, yet constructive, criticism of the designers' work.  I appreciate her important position in the world of fashion.  But she is most certainly no Tim Gunn, who is undoubtedly the brightest spot on the original PR.  I miss Tim.

Judges- Georgina Chapman (of Marchesa) and Isaac Mizrahi (along with the host). 
I enjoyed these two.  Georgina is very sweet, but very real with the contestants.  And Isaac is just funny and fabulous.  No holds barred.  Love.  The guest judges were also wonderful, ranging from huge names in fashion (like Diane von Furstenberg and Tommy Hilfiger) to huge names in entertainment (um, Miss Piggy?).  Delightful.

I was a little behind as far as contestants are concerned, since I missed a few of the earlier seasons, but by the time we got to the end, I was up to speed.

The final three were really something else.

Austin Scarlett could not possibly be more dramatic. 
His wardrobe (the sequins!), his hair (omg- he sleeps in curlers!), and even his speech (who says farewell instead of goodbye?) are completely over-the-top at all times.  Fun to watch.  But his final collection was equally over-the-top, and I got lost in his explanation.  A 300-year-old vampire borrowing clothes from his modern day Hasidic friends in Colonial Williamsburg?  I swear to you, I am not making this up.  It was a bit much.  He gets big points from me for his wedding gown, however.  Incredible.

Michael Costello- ugh. 
I remember Michael from his original season, and I hated him there, as well.  I feel like he is completely fake with his emotions, and that is something that I cannot abide.  When someone was sent home instead of him, he cried fake "it should have been me" tears every timeUgh.  And since he made it to the finale, I guess he must have talent.  I will admit that several of the pieces he created over the season were really quite beautiful.  But why do I feel like he just kind of got lucky with every win?  His final collection was nice, but that's all.  Just nice.  (And had so much animal print that I thought I was in the jungle, but whatev.  I guess that's what he was going for.)

Mondo Guerra. 
I love me some Mondo.  I was so sad for him on his original season that he lost out to that bitch Gretchen.  I was so excited to see him get a chance for redemption.  Although his designs are not something that I would wear, I can appreciate it for its artistry, and the skill that goes into creating it.  He truly is a creative genius.  And although he got a titch overdramatic towards the end, it worked for him.  His "Therapy" collection was inspired. 

And if you couldn't tell from my contestant descriptions, Mondo was my clear favorite...AND THE WINNER!  Huzzah.  The good guy wins in the end.  All is right with the world.  Team Mondo 4-eva. 

Loved this show.

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