Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Pox Remains

And just when I thought we were all on the mend...

Last night, the nugget slept, shall we say, fitfully.  As in, every ten minutes, there was crying.  ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

I knew that something was obviously wrong, as my boy is a terrific sleeper.  Oh, and did I mention that he was burning up?  

So to the doctor we went...again.  When we were there on Friday, to address the chronic, nagging, ohmygodwillheeverstopcoughing cough, all looked good.  Clear lungs, clear ears, "allergy" nose.  We chalked it up to seasonal allergies and away we went.

So sometime between Friday afternoon and last night, the poor boy's ear became so infected that the doctor assured me that his poor, blistered eardrum would most likely rupture at any moment.

Of course he cried all night long.  I probably would have, too.

Thankfully, ear infections are easy.  (And can you believe this is his first ever??)  We've begun the antibiotics, and hopefully I can return to work tomorrow and actually finish out the rest of the week.  Luckily my students saw me for a hot second yesterday, otherwise, they may have forgotten my name.

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