Monday, January 9, 2012

Party Planning

I've often said to J that in another life, I would love to be an event planner.  You see, I enjoy being the hostess with the mostest.  I like planning a theme, a menu, decorations, and logistics. 

Planning our wedding was a DREAM COME TRUE.  In the beginning, both J and my mom encouraged me to hire a wedding planner, but I refused.  I wasn't going to waste a dime of my budget on someone who would only do the same things I could do myself.  I just knew that wedding planning would be my cup of tea, and I was right.  I found it to be exciting and enjoyable, not full of stress and angst.  I truly loved it.

Planning events at my home, though clearly not as elaborate as a wedding, is also something that I love.  However, I sometimes lose sight of the simplicity that a home event should be.  I tend to- well- overdo it.  Always.  I strive for loveliness and perfection, even if it is just having friends over for dinner.

At this moment, I find myself looking ahead to a certain someone's first birthday party.  And while I've told myself and others, several times, that it will be small and simple, no big deal, it turns out that I can't convince myself that this will be true.

A first birthday is special, no?   

Also, between Pinterest and Etsy, I have suddenly found the possibilities to be endless

I think I'm in trouble.

Stay tuned to see what extravaganza unfolds for the wee one's big day.  Yes, the one that is not really for him, but more for me.  The one that he will not remember.  But the one that he will hopefully look at photos of someday, and realize that his big day was a big deal to those who love him.

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  1. I'm so excited for his first birthday! It will give you good planning for my wedding that you can plan!



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