Monday, January 16, 2012

Being a Sick Mama SUCKS

I think I have officially suffered my first real illness since becoming a Mama.  And it sucked.

Maybe strep throat, maybe just a virus.  All I know is that I had a fever (thankfully, now broken), I was tired and achy, and my throat was positively on fire.  And it sucked.

I did not feel like spending half of my weekend at Urgent Care (because that sucks), so I stayed home, either in bed or camped out on the couch, ingesting copious amounts of fluids and ibuprofen.  THANK GOD it was a weekend, and J could handle the little man.

I am on the up and up today, feeling like about 75% of my normal self.  J is back to work, so I am back to parenting.  I am very glad about this, as I really missed my nugget!  I didn't get to hold him or feed him or play with him all weekend.  And it sucked.

I am also back to moving today.  And I am desperately trying to convince myself not to overdo it.  But after an entire weekend of laying down and neglecting my house, I feel the urge to clean.  Like, I really can't wait to get my vacuum cleaner going (it sucks- teehee).  And to do some laundry.  And to clean my kitchen.

So that's how I spent MY weekend.  Hopefully all of you enjoyed a weekend that didn't suck!

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