Monday, January 2, 2012

Back To The Grind

Whew!  These past two weeks off have been a complete whirlwind.  Celebrating three Christmases and a New Year was thoroughly exhausting, and I now need a vacation from my vacation.  Alas, work has beckoned, and return, I must.

I left my little man with the sitter this morning.

I must say that aside from the craziness that the holidays inevitably bring, I simply adored soaking up every minute that I could with my little sweet pea.  (As did his extended family.)  Did I suck a blogging?  Yes.  Did I instead spend that time playing on the floor with my boy?  Yes.  Regrets?  Not so much.

But, since I have been neglecting you, dear readers, let me catch you up on the goings-on of late.

The Nugget: Since his ten month post, he has completely given up on baby food (the real stuff is so much better!), begun standing up while playing, dancing, watching TV, or any other time he pleases, taken one step unassisted, and officially spoken his first word.  Mama?  No.  Dada?  Not it, either.  What could it possibly be, you ask?  No.  That little ginger of mine just might turn out to be the feisty type that redheads are rumored to be.  His first official word is NO.   

The Husband: J began a new job.  An opportunity for bigger and better things came along, and J seized it.  We are very excited about good things to come.  And as a side note, the company has free soda for their employees- need change for the vending machine?  Not J.  Coolness.

The Wife: I have been busy holding down the fort, playing the role of stay-at-home-mom and loving every second of it.  (But that's no surprise to any of you.) 

I think that about covers it.  You're officially caught up.  And now that we're all settling back into our routines, post-vacation, I'll bring back my blogging A-game.  Bring it, 2012.

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