Thursday, January 5, 2012


No, not grey hairs.  (I've got plenty of those- nothing noteworthy there).  My time off afforded me the chance to catch up on Grey's Anatomy.  And OMG!

Once upon a time, I had given up on this show.  When Izzy started sleeping with dead Denny, I lost interest.  Too cuckoo for me.  Of course, I found out later that the craziness was due to a brain tumor.  Oops.  I had forsaken one of my favorite shows prematurely.

So I caught up.  Before the cancellation of cable, I watched reruns.  God bless Lifetime.  (And that season finale a few years back with the shooter on the loose?  Quite possibly the most dramatic thing I've seen on TV, EVER.  Whoa.)  Post-cancellation, I asked J to do some downloading for me.  There are probably a few episodes here and there that I've missed, but I've got the general idea of everything that has gone down at Seattle Grace over the years.

Last week, I caught up on the current season.  And by caught up, I mean watched all nine episodes that have aired this year.  And when I got to the end of the most current episode, and realized that I'd have to wait to find out what happened next?  I let out a loud "NOOOOOO!"  Seriously, out loud, in my living room, to no one in particular.  Well, maybe to the TV Gods.


How could Henry have died?????   AAAAHHHH!  I'm not a happy camper about this.  I need Scott Foley in my life.  (Remember that he played Noel on Felicity, and you all know that I loved Felicity.) Also, I liked happy Teddy.

And how can Meredith and Derek NOT be getting Zola back?  They desperately need to get that baby back and get back to being a happy couple, because I can't take much more of their angst.

AND, how can Meredith and Alex be stranded out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dead people?  Okay, that one I can actually let slide, because I'm sure it's going to lead to some good TV that ends with both of them still alive.

Basically, I am just shy of peeing my pants with excitement over tonight's new episode.


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