Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Royal Confession

I must confess...(and better late than never)...
After I wrote this post, I somehow had a slight change of heart.  YES, I was still sick of every other story on my People Magazine app being Royal Wedding related.  BUT...I realized that I just HAD to watch.  How could I not?  After all, it was history in the making.

Now I didn't go crazy, and set my alarm for 4am (why would I need to?  I have an alarm clock that goes off around then, anyway...his name is Gabriel...).  I did, however, set my DVR.

When I awoke at a civilized hour, I immediately tuned into the event.

And I was mesmerized.

As I should have been all along.  This is a true life fairly tale!  Kate Middleton was about to become a princess.  She actually grew up and met her Prince Charming!

As I watched, I simply couldn't wait to see her emerge from her hotel so that I could see what her gown would look like.  In the meantime, I adored seeing all of the guests arrive, in their oh-so-fabulous hats.  My, how I would have loved to be there.

Turns out, Kate's gown was worth the wait.  (And, of course, I also admired her tiara.) She looked absolutely stunning in such a demure, princessy way.  Her walk down the never-ending aisle was pure magic. 

But mostly, I loved watching the ceremony.  I loved seeing how the couple looked at one another so sweetly.  I loved the smiles on their faces.  I loved how it seemed like to the two of them, they were the only people present.  I got caught up in the moment, and was even a little emotional about the beauty of it all.

I sincerely hope that these two live happily ever after.

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