Thursday, May 19, 2011

They've Lost That Loving Feeling

As if it wasn't hard enough to come back from maternity leave...

While I was out, an intervention teacher, new to our school, took over my classes.  A male teacher.  He's new, young, male, and utterly adorable.  Basically, my students immediately fell in love with him.  After all, he is a rare species in an elementary school, indeed.  The little girls think he's dreamy.  The little boys think he's cool.

Let's call him Mr. Love... (and p.s.- we're calling him that because that's his real name...I couldn't make that up if I tried)...

For my last two weeks of work, pre-maternity leave, my students asked on a daily basis when I was going to have the baby so that Mr. Love could be their teacher.  I was not bothered at that point, because I was in a hurry to have that baby and hand over the reins.

HOWEVER, I was a little nervous to come back, fearing that I would show up that first day to disappointed children, asking for Mr. Love.  Lemme tell ya'- had that happened, the waterworks would have doubled.

Happily, my students were excited to see me, making my return to work a little more bearable.

But now that we're back into the swing of normalcy, the excitement over my return has dwindled.  I get asked on a daily basis, by at least two or three students, where Mr. Love is.  There is a constant buzz amongst the little ones, talking about Mr. Love sightings in the hall.  He has amassed some serious celebrity with the seven and under set!

And I, dear readers, am old, boring news.

Is it wrong of me, as a teacher and a mother, to say that sometimes kids suck??


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